Starch Additive (Starch Adhesive Additive)

Its main advantages lie in enhancing anti-hydrolysis, shear resistance (crated by pumps, corrugator applicator roll and others), and ensuring stable viscosity and excellent adhesion over an extended period (etc. shift change or weekend).

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Starch additive plays a crucial role in the manufacturing ofcorrugated cardboard, designed to endow starch adhesive with outstandingperformance. Its main advantages lie in enhancing anti-hydrolysis, shearresistance (crated by pumps, corrugator applicator roll and others), andensuring stable viscosity and excellent adhesion over an extended period (etc.shift change or weekend).


The introduction of the additive not only improves the performanceof starch adhesive but also enhances its penetration, effectively counteringthe adhesion effects on highly water-resistant paper and significantly boostingthe overall bonding strength of the produced corrugated board. Simultaneously,the additive imparts superior water resistance to the starch adhesive layer,further increasing ECT, BCT and bonding strength of the cardboard, making itmore resistant to moisture in high-humidity environments.


In the production of corrugated cardboard, the application ofstarch additive realizes multiple advantages, including low-temperature (lessteam pressure) production, efficient processes, and effective cost savings.


Our Commitment:

  • Providing excellent starch additives and waterproofing resin to meet end-to-end bonding needs.
  • Offering unparalleled service and on-site support to assist in optimizing formulations and corrugator performance.
  • Assisting in the development of new paper box products, enhancing the Box Compression Test (BCT), and improving export fruit boxes, fishery boxes, and frozen boxes.
  • Providing professional process optimization to help save costs, increase operational time, reduce downtime and returns, while minimizing environmental impact.

In conclusion, the application of starch additive not only enhances manufacturing performance but also addresses the issue of corrugated boxes in humid conditions, injecting new vitality and efficiency into your production line. Choose us to achieve new heights in production, experiencing outstanding performance and a sustainable future.


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